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G. L . Batra

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A former Additional Secretary of Lok Sabha Secretariat, Parliament of India, G. L Batra is an inspiring public figure. Having migrated to India in extremely difficult circumstances from what is now Pakistan at the time of country's partition, he went on to hold high positions in the Central and State Government including a Constitutional office as Chairman of Haryana Public service Commission.

G.L Batra also served as National Chairman of All Indian Public Service Commissions for two terms. Prior to joining the government service as Secretary of Haryana Legislative Assembly and before that as Deputy Advocate General in Punjab & Haryana High Court, he practiced as an Advocate and has conducted high profile civil and criminal trials.

While serving in the Indian Parliament Secretariat, he studied the standing committee system of the House of Commons to replicate a similar system in the Parliament of India.

After his retirement he served as executive director of Batra Hospital where his rich administrative experience helped the hospital improve its efficiency and branding.

Hailing from an eminent agricultural family and having grown up in a village, he understands the problems of rural India. His contribution to community work is well -recognised.

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