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NHP Centre is co-founder of the Taj Colloquium, which is envisioned as an unconventional literary and cultural forum comprising of multiple projects with measurable and tangible outcomes. The Colloquium is a unique architecture of partnerships (national and international) and collaborations with stakeholders. Through its various projects, the Colloquium seeks to inspire the youth to engage with art and culture while pursuing their economic goals and aspirations so that their way of life is not lost and they continue to realise and manifest their cultural identity within the unique plurality of the cultural hierarchies of India. Central to Colloquium’s work is to underscore the role and importance of humanities in making sense of the present day India. The Colloquium seeks to contribute to the development of the soft infrastructure and power of the country. The Colloquium secretariat, comprising of programme coordinators, with support from volunteers, assist the planning board and steering committee in implementation of the projects.

The Colloquium seeks to become a robust literary and cultural voice of India. The projects and initiatives of the Colloquium are national in vision. But, uniquely, these projects will stem out of smaller cities, and also dove-tail back into them as they grow, to fulfill the cultural aspirations of the people living in smaller cities around the country. Many pilot projects have been initiated in the city of Agra, which will help the historic city develop into a vibrant cultural hub of the country.

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