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To serve as an independent and credible thought-leader that earns the respect of the society in general and cultural community in particular. While offering an inclusive platform for all stakeholders, facilitate a profound, in-depth, free, and frank dialogue and debate, the Centre will seek to play a guiding role in the cultural, social and environmental space.

To promote development of socially and environmentally conscious communities that contribute in building a nation where cultural development, social consciousness and respect for habitat form key indicators for determining the happiness quotient, growth and success of individuals and communities.

To inspire the youth to engage with art and culture while pursuing their economic goals and aspirations so that their way of life is not lost and they continue to realize and manifest their cultural identity within the unique plurality of the cultural hierarchies of India.

To work earnestly in promoting the culture of harmonious community living where there is respect for each other's culture and country's heritage.

To promote the culture of contributions towards socio-economic development of communities alongside individual growth; respect for environment, human habitat and the wildlife.

To produce and promote leaders those who excel in the field of art, literature and other cultural areas so that the cultural development of the country is no less than her economic growth.

To promote the culture of "servant leadership" - one that upholds serving of the society for its greater benefit, by those who are the game changers and transformers of the society.

Promote the practice of documentation of social and cultural traditions, practices and other aspects for the benefit of future generations.

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